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I - Presentation of studies of the Faculty of dental from Nantes

II - "The Faculty in the international dental community"


Doyen Yves AMOURIQ
YVES AMOURIQThe development of international relations is necessary because this supports our image in an increasingly competitive academic world and our ability to enhance foreign experiences in the different areas of our business. We therefore stress the need to develop, by maintaining high standards and by attracting European teachers and students to the faculty.

In addition, the scope for action of the universities has changed, enrolling therein in the Bologna process, the License-Masters-doctorate reform, known as LMD, and for the beginning of the 2011-2012 term, the creation of a diploma of general training in dental science (DFGSO). The structuring of our teaching in modules (EU) and the implementation of ECTS in the DFGSO framework, promote exchanges with European schools of dental surgery.

It can consist in reciprocal exchanges, but also of actions of support for the creation or development of faculties, especially in the French-speaking world (e.g. Western Africa).

These international actions are part of the framework of the future Licence-Master-Doctorate in health and the European research programmes (e.g. PCRDT) and the DFGSO.

The faculty must be an active member of the DentEd network (Dental Education), a European network which notably enabled the defining of all of the skills for a European student of dentistry, by means of the ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe). Some French schools are already accredited by this European network, which greatly facilitates a real legibility and the validation of international criteria and exchanges between faculties.

To precede and generate exchanges in Europe through the LMD and DFGSO, service of the International Relations of the University of Nantes, the School of dental surgery has teamed-up with a number of institutions with which a partnership is  :

  • Bilateral agreement signed with University from Spain :  Madrid (Rey Juan carlos)
  • Bilateral agreement progess with University from Liban : Beyrouth
  • Bilateral agreement progress with University from Corée

The objective would be to promote exchanges of students or teachers in their mobility to the maximum, and then to eventually obtain, in an increasingly competitive field, a European certification from the faculty.


The third and six grade dental surgery

CLINICAL ACTIVITY that affectected students may validate.

Contacts :

Education Coordinator :
- Claire Vinatier by phone  (33) 02 40 41 29 99 or by mail claire.vinatier@univ-nantes.fr

* Correspondent of the schooling : Karine Joubioux
by phone (33) 02 40 41 29 08 or by mail karine.joubioux@univ-nantes.fr

* la Division des Relations Internationales

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